(Our day will come)
Notre jour viendra

I will always advocate for the learning of other 'foreign' languages other than English. Through language, we are granted unfettered access to the deepest history and treasures of a people and their world views.

A close friend decided to preach this 'good news' to those in her own household. She ended up with a son that speaks French. Visits from him, she says will result in strange music being played; “French music” he tells her. She has, with time, taken up a liking for his erstwhile weird taste in song and now finds herself nodding her head to an interesting beat or two.

A song, a French song, did strike her; simple words that were easy to register and the repetitive mode made word identification easy:

“Enfant du bas notre jour viendra
Tant qu'on sera la lumière tiendra
Enfant du bas il fait bon d'où on va
Bientôt notre jour viendra (X2)”

“Lowly child our day will come
 As long as we keep the light
Being at the bottom works well
for where we are going*
For pretty soon
Our day will come (X2)” 

Please do not get me wrong, I do not and will never advocate for complacency with a 'lowly' world view in tow*; humble beginnings are there to challenge us to want to further improve ourselves; that we may get to look back with pride and thanksgiving at the gains that we have made.     

The class Eights are through with their final primary school examination-The KCPE exams. We wish them success as they prepare to move a rung up of their academic ladder next year. The focus has now shifted to those left behind especially the class Sevens-the 2015 Candidates!

  We may harbour fears from yester-years of not-so-good grades. Well, the good news is that another chance presents itself, for us to make right what we believe deserved better effort. Yes, our day will come  your day has come  make the most of it and get the reward you truly deserve.
As you ponder on that thought, enjoy reading the seventh edition of the LCM; seven that perfect number. Therefore this 'perfect' edition is packed with useful information on the intricate importance of education.
We also see Davirani Baharani, a pupil from 3Gordon give us her account on friendship while Joel Mukeria, a pupil from 2Gordon narrates to us of the tale of 'a new pupil'.

Indeed, our day has come; let us make the most of it and go into the New Year in victory.

Perhaps I will have got inspired enough to take up another language by then… my day will surely come too…
mon jour viendra. 

 MM. Mlaghui


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