REBECCA.jpgScience is an accumulation of knowledge about things in our environment.  This knowledge is acquired through observing and experimenting.

Loreto Convent Mombasa stands out as the teachers encourage children to ask questions  and as they attempt to answer those questions, they develop a spirit of inquiring and start  looking  at the world around them critically.

The teachers use the activity or  dynamic approach where the children are active participants in the learning process. 
The pupils are the doers.  They are equipped with skill which they  use to find out information and solutions to problems in Science and in their daily life.  The teachers use materials to convey the information clearly and thus achieving the desired results much faster.  


In Loreto Convent Mombasa ,we have educational trips that enable pupil to view their surrounding with a broader outlook that cannot be acquired in a classroom.  

This is an advantage for it allows pupils to learn practically through firsthand experience. The pupils are highly motivated during these  educational trips. Our main concern is to cover  Science topics so that the pupil can acquire mental and manipulative skills, needed in solving problems in a scientific way.

They acquire vital attitudes such as fairness, self-control, honesty, integrity, curiosity and a practical, approach to solving problem. Science teachers pay special attention to the;


  1. Set induction- always start the lesson on a pleasant note:
  2. Developing pupils attitudes and interest.
  3. Developing pupils ability to observe and explore.
  4. Develop  pupils scientific knowledge.
  5. Develop pupils communication skills.

B y : Rebecca Ndung'u.
Panel Head:Science.


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