The Best Age to start KG 1 is Over 3 years

We started KG 1 last year for the first time in our school history. We believe it is of great importance that we have continuity and linkage of a child’s progress and development right from the time he or she joins the Loreto family.

We would like to emphasize the importance of bringing a child to us (KG 1) who is over 3 years because of the following reasons:

A child may look ready but needs to be helped to develop the fine motor skills i.e finger muscles through kneading which helps to develop the fingers for writing in readiness. Instructions are not easily followed, since connectivity between the words and actions is not yet developed.

More often than not, they do not know how to express their feelings. When they are faced with a challenge, tears roll down their cheeks.
Some children may be toilet trained but they are in shock when they come across a school toilet which they are not used to. They might end up messing.

In most cases due to lack of exposure, they might have developed self- centredness in that they believe everything belongs to them therefore sharing becomes a challenge.

Sitting is a challenge, they like moving up and about exploring what is in the environment. Most of them cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

They have not understood the importance of prayer. The word they know best is AMEN.

A child is more than 3 years is less likely to be stressed. Since he or she gets to grasp and understand the new concepts and skills that he or she is being introduced. This results in better performance.


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