The founder of Scout movement was Lord Baden Powel (B.P) His birth name was Robert Stephen Smythe Baden – Powel.  The movement was found in 1907. The birth of the scout movement in Kenya came within a very short period after it started in the United Kingdom.

The 1st Nairobi Troop was therefore formed at St. John’s church (C.M.S) Pumwani on 24th November, 1910 and in 1925 the 1st Eldoret Troop was registered.  The 1st Kijabe (Kenton College) Troop was registered in 1926.  During all this time, the troops formed were mainly for Europeans and Asians.  The first African Troop was formed at Alliance Boys High School under the name 1st Kikuyu Troop in 1927.  At this time scouts took part in public services like helping the poor.

After the formation of the 1st African troop many more troops were formed in Kenya.
Loreto Convent Mombasa The 52nd  Mombasa troop is one of the many registered troops found in Kenya today.

In Loreto Mombasa we have a total of 63 scouts, 50 boys and 13 girls. They have engaged in several scouting activities like tree planting, community service, founders’ day and other camping activities.

They have also been involved in projects like constructing an ideal camp site which scouped the top prize during the cultural day in our school this year. In future the scouts are planning to start an income generating project which will help the scouts to buy their tents, sleeping bags and other materials to facilitate their spiritual, physical and mental development. 

By:  Ms. Caren Owour


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