We appreciate God for the great things He has done for our school since its inception 75 years ago.

The Library was started in 1995 by Sr. Breid Cunningham who was then the headmistress of the lower primary section.  It was located in the upper room of the school hall and was mainly meant for lower primary i.e. standards 1 – 3. By then it was only one wooden shelf with a few story books from well wishers.  Most of these books were donations from Ireland through the courtesy of   Sr. Breid Cunningham who used to get them during her home holiday. 

In 1996 when the school was celebrating its Diamond Jubilee the P.T.A. requested parents to donate some books to the school library to mark the occasion.  This was well received and our library got quite a boost and from then we have continued to purchase more reading materials.  Initially most of the books were from foreign authors but when we introduced locally published materials our pupils developed more interest in reading as they were able to identify with the stories more easily.  As the need for knowledge continued to grow we realized we needed a larger room and more shelves in order to accommodate the stock which had grown tremendously as well as accommodate the upper primary pupils for the use of the library.

In 2001 Sr. Breid bought some metal shelves and converted one of the classrooms on the first floor of the school building to a library.  Since then our stock has increased from around two hundred to almost 5000 books.  The stock varies from subject matter to reference materials e.g. encyclopedias, world books, dictionaries etc. 

We cannot fail to mention that the same year 2001 the school introduced the textbooks project which was meant to facilitate smooth running of the academics.  The P.T.A and the management realized that parents were facing a big challenge when purchasing textbooks for their children because some of them ended up buying wrong materials considering that one has to take note of the authors publishers and many other details before purchasing, thus a decision was made and the P.T.A bought all the required textbooks and handed them to the school to manage this project. It has been ten years now managing this project despite the challenges that we face such as the frequent change of the syllabus among others.   However, the idea has proved to be viable both economically and time saving.

We are all aware that modern technology is advancing at a very high rate and as a school we are looking into ways of modernizing our library so that we can include audio visual material. Such materials will go a long way in keeping our school community abreast with the current events globally and also accessing information in different areas of interest.  The modern society seem to be running away from reading but as a school we have continued to encourage our pupils to read more and more for we believe that it is only through the search for knowledge that one’s mind is able to think widely and therefore  be able to make right decisions.

As we celebrate our Platinum Jubilee we thank God for the founders of this school and more so for Loreto sisters who have worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of this school.  May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands.

Anne Lenjo |Librarian


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