The Crest

The beautiful and familiar Crest is the Badge that Loreto Pupils have always glorified to wear; since it distinguishes them as Daughters & sons of Maria Regina Agelorium.

The cross: to remind us that Jesus died on the cross to save us. See motto below which refers to this. We place trust in Jesus who saved us and showed us how to live.

The Heart of Jesus: The heart is the symbol of love. To show us that individually. We try to love him in return. To love all other human being.

The Heart of Mary: Pierced with a sword – because she was close to Jesus she suffered with him. If we are strong Christians and stand up for what is right. We may suffer too. Ask Mary to help you to be strong and courageous in following her son Jesus.

The anchor: then sign of hope if we put our trust in God we can be full of hope – because Jesus has risen from the dead and has conquered sin and death and one day we too will rise with him.


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