Wildlife club of Kenya is a charitable non-profit making organization whose main objective is to empower youth with conservation knowledge for sustainability and support wildlife clubs through training information sharing and advocacy.  This club was initiated in our school in 1992 and has been very active for year with an enrolment of 62 members.

Our club has taken part in various activities.  These include participating in clean up and tree planting.  Mobile education unit team has also visited our school to educate members on various issues on how to conserve the environment.

It is our hope that in the coming years, through enhancing our core strength and expanding our knowledge in critical, focused areas, we shall transform our ways, what “conservation education” needs to be: today, tomorrow and the future as it stated in our W.C.K motto “LEARN TO CONSERVE FOR BETTER TOMORROW.”

By Ezekiel M. Faraja   
Club Partron